Receiver Set-up

How to Set-up Receiver Using Livebox?

Now it’s possible with Livebox Receiver to carry out smooth HD videos like a cable output without being uninterrupted even when the failover happens. The other advantage of having Receiver Monitor is you can remotely control the device from anywhere.  

To set up your Receiver configurations, you have to create a streaming CDN group in the first place.

  • So, go to Multi CDN under Settings to create your streaming CDN group for any of your Livebox RTMP channel.
setting up a Receiver using Livebox

Note: Remember to TURN ON the Streaming server status while creating the streaming CDN group.

create streaming group in Livebox to set up receiver device

Now turn to your Receiver device side. It doesn’t always mean that the Livebox server and the Receiver should be in the same place as the Receiver device control is possible even when the server and Receiver are present at different locations. So, now let’s see how to configure the Receiver settings.

  • Use the License Key Provided to activate the Receiver device
  • Now in the Receiver settings, you can see your IP details on the top left corner and the other Receiver set-up options.
Livebox receiver device
  • To configure the created streaming CDN in the Receiver device, go to the Receiver Settings.
receiver settings
  • In the Receiver’s settings, you can select the Livebox option as you have created the streaming CDN from the Livebox server.
receiver set up
  • In the Livebox option, you can click Add to create your new Receiver channel.
receiver settings
  • Now give your Stream group ID/Name, a nickname of your choice and then your server address i.e., domain name and click Save.
creating a receiver channel
  • A pop-up box notifies that the changes are Saved Successfully, and you can click OK.
  • Now you have to select the added stream group by clicking the drop-down menu.
receiver settings in Livebox
  • Again a pop-up box notifies that the changes are Saved Successfully, and you can click OK.
  • After selecting your stream group, your server name appears on the settings as you have mentioned earlier.
  • Now again mention your stream group name in the Current Stream Group.
  • Then finally click Set to Livebox button.
set receiver channel in Livebox
  • Now the Receiver channel is created.
  • Stream a video source to the channel with which you have created a streaming CDN group. The video source added gets displayed on the Receiver screen.

Now the Receiver set up is done. To monitor your Receiver activities, you can go to the Receiver Monitor under Settings.

receiver monitor
  • Through the Receiver Monitor, you can watch or control your Receiver activities from anywhere. You can carry the exact controls of Receiver device from the server itself by using the Settings options.
receiver device activated
receiver device

Through the Receiver Monitor, you can manage and monitor the receiver from anywhere and give smooth streamflow even to the distant places.