Live Streaming Using OBS Studio

   Livebox streaming server offers a smooth and uncomplicated streaming workflow. Its flexibility can be witnessed while working alongside distinct encoders.
Here with which few steps are listed for crystal clear understanding of streaming workflow by using OBS studio.
  • Go to OBS studio and click the icon add source icon from the tab Source.

adding source in OBS Studio

  • A pop-up menu with the listed options will show up. From the listed options select Media source.

media source option in OBS studio

  • A dialog box Create/Select Source gets opened where you can name and set as per your requirements and then click OK.

adding media source in OBS studio

  • After clicking OK, a dialog box Properties for Media Source gets opened. In Properties for Media Source, select the required options for your streaming and then click Browse.

browse files in OBS Studio

  • Once you click to browse you get accessed to your local files where you can browse and select your source. Then Click OK and your source is added.

browse and add files in OBS Studio

adding local files in OBS Studio

source added in OBS for streaming

  • Now go to Livebox and select Manage channels from the navigation menu and click Streaming URL button to copy the Stream URL and Stream Key.

streaming url

Streaming URLs

  • Now go back to OBS studio again and select Settings under the menu Controls.

settings in OBS studio

  • A whole Setting tab will be opened and click Stream.
  • By clicking Stream, a new page with an empty URL bar and stream key bar get opened where the copied Stream URL and Stream Key has to be pasted respectively. 
  • Then click OK.

stream using OBS

  • Now click the option Start streaming under the menu Controls.

settings in OBS studio

  • Now go to Livebox Channel Dashboard and preview your streaming source.
  • Then from your streaming channel you can push live the streaming source to your social media destinations, websites, blogs or any streaming platforms.

streaming preview

live streaming preview

Thus, these simple steps can help you out to accomplish your first streaming process.
Happy Streaming!