How to Create a Playlist From the Uploaded Files Using the Livebox Playlist?

You can now create a playlist by uploading your local files and run it on various streaming destinations 24/7 using the Livebox Playlist.

  • To create a fresh playlist with your uploaded files, you can use the Uploaded Files option, where you can move the files to the selected files side and create a playlist.

Note: When you create a playlist for the first time, you can’t use the uploaded files option if you haven’t uploaded any videos on the Livebox server. In that case, first, create a playlist using YouTube links and then upload and add video files to the existing playlist using the Autostream settings.

  • When you want to upload files and add them to your existing playlist, then you can follow the below steps.
  • Click on highlighted icon on the top left of your playlist.
  • Specifications to add files open and you can click the Add files option to add your files.
  • Select and add your file.
  • Now the file is added. You can also add a few more files the same way.
add videos to create playlist in Livebox Autostream
  • After adding files, you can click the Start Upload to upload all your added files.
  • Your files start to get uploaded.
upload files in Autostream
  • After the files are uploaded, you can go to the playlist main window to click on the gear icon located on the top left side.
Autostream settings
  • In the settings tab, under the Uploaded Files option, you can select the files from Available Files and move it to Selected Files side.
  • Then click the Play button.

  • You can also use the Up and Down buttons to prioritize your selected videos.
  • The uploaded files start to run along with your existing playlist.
  • Preview the playlist on your RTMP channels.
  • And from your RTMP channel, you can publish the playlist live on your social media destinations/streaming platforms.
Autostream playlist

So by uploading files and creating a playlist, you can automate live streams 24/7 on your streaming destinations.