Conversion of Uncompressed Video Sources Using UDP in Queues

How to Convert MPEG-2 Sources into Compressed Streamable Formats?

If you have a source of MPEG-2 format, which is isn’t usually supported by the web, you can still alter it while streaming live on your streaming destinations. Not just MPEG-2 format, it could be any format through UDP but for this example, consider MPEG-2 as we have a preset ready to use for encoding MPEG-2 video through UDP. Thus you can encode the MPEG-2 sources to be streamed live on the web-based destinations with Livebox.  

To encode your MPEG-2 or any other uncompressed sources into streamable formats,

  • Go to Queues from the navigation menu.
  • Go to Create Queues under Queues.
UDP in Livebox Queues
  • After giving your queue name, task name, priority, delay, and attempts, the streaming source can be fetched from your UDP port using the UDP option.

Note:  If you have UDP source in your file folder, then you can use the File option to fetch your source under Source settings.

  • Now you can click the Next button.
UDP option in Livebox to convert sources
  • Now go to Destination settings side.
  • If you want to take the UDP source from your UDP port to any of your RTMP server channels, you can use the given Channel option.
  • Select your server channel.
MPEG-2 converter in Livebox
  • Then set the preset as udp_default.
  • Then add the task to your queue.
  • Start the queue on your server channel and from your server channel take the source to whichever streaming platform you want.
presets for MPEG-2 conversion
  • If you want to take the UDP source to your social media destinations like Facebook or YouTube, you can use the provided RTMP option. You can also use this RTMP option to take the UDP source to your other RTMP server by giving your RTMP server link.
UDP source converter in Livebox
  • Then select the destination you want to add to your queues.
  • By starting the queue, you can initiate the live stream on your social media accounts or any other RTMP servers.
convert MPEG-2 sources and publish it on social media platforms
  • If you want to convert and save the source from your UDP port as a file, then you can use the File option.
  • It is just enough to give a file name and to select a preset. Then the UDP source gets saved in your uploaded files from where you can stream them live on your websites/blogs by copying the embed code.
converting uncompressed video files using Livebox Queues

So, with the Livebox streaming server, you can take sources from any format and stream it to any formats with easy different ways.