Creating a Playlist with YouTube Channel Videos

  It is now happening in Livebox also to stream your YouTube channel videos to your websites, blog sites, and other social media destinations.
To take through your YouTube videos and to popularize your business/organization,
  • Go to the the Livebox Autostream and click the Create button.


  • Go to your YouTube channel to copy the link of your channel.
  • Now go to the Livebox Autostream and click the YouTube Channel option.

youtube channel

  • In YouTube channeID bar copy-paste your channel URL.

creating playlist with youtube channel videos

  • In General settings, give Playlist nameStreaming URL, set Preset and Buffer Size.
  • Then click Play to create your channel videos in the Livebox Autostream.

playlist general settings

  • Your channel is recreated in the Livebox Autostream as a playlist. All your YouTube channel videos get started to play consecutively.

Autostream playlist

  • To preview your streams, go to your channel dashboard and preview your playlist.

best streaming solution, Livebox.

You have successfully added your YouTube videos to the Livebox Autostream. Go ahead with popularising your brand, product, business/organization by streaming it live on social media/streaming platforms.