Creating a Video Conference Mobile App

To create a video conference mobile app,

  • Go to the Livebox App Store.
Livebox App Store
  • Install the APK Builder app.
Application developer in Livebox
  • Click the Create an App button under the Livebox Video Conference specification.
Instant Mobile App generator app in Livebox
  • Give a Name for your App, then enter the Display Name and App Description.
  • Then browse and set your app icon and logo.
  • Then finally click on the Generate App.
video conferencing app in Livbeox
  • Your app creation process begins and when it says at the end like Click the below button to download APK, click on the Download APK button.
develop a video conference app in Livebox
  • The app gets downloaded to your PC downloads in the zip file format. So, extract the file.
Mobile app builder in Livebox
  • In the unzipped file, you can use the Testing.apk to test the app on your device and Release.apk to upload your app to the play store.
apk file to upload the app on the play store

Now, finish the app installing process on your mobile device.

  • Then get into your brand-new app from your mobile device.
  • Set your chat name and click the Join button.
video conferencing in Livebox
  • To invite your peers to the video call, you can just send the link, so that, they can join you from anywhere.
videoconferencing app

And within a few seconds, you can join on a video call with your peers irrespective of the place and distance.