Creating a Website in Livebox

              Livebox has developed specifications for the pre-built secured WordPress, GRAV and Typesetter sites. So, it is now easy and simple to create high-quality sites for your business, events, organization, company and so on without any required programming or designing skills from the Livebox streaming server with no additional cost.
To create your domain website or a new website,
  • Go to Websites from the navigation menu and click the Create a site option.

  • In Create a site click this button create button
  • A dialog box Create a new site opens, enter your site name and select your site type.
  • Then click Create.

host a WordPress site in Livebox

  • Once you click create, you will be notified to wait for a few seconds. So, wait for a few seconds until your site is created.

Host a website in Livebox

  • And there is also an option to create your own domain.
  • To create your own domain, select the site type and click the My own domain option below.

own domain hosting

  • A dialog box Create a new site opens, enter your site name and give Create.
  • You can also add alias domain names to your site.
    Note: See to that you have entered a domain name that is pointed to this server.

hosting own site

  • You can see your newly created site in the site entries. It shows the status of your site and by using the given control keys you can play, stop, delete your website.

  • To log in your website, click on the lock icon where you can get your website password generated by Livebox.

website password settings

So with these steps, you can easily create and get started with your website.

Encrypting a Website Created Within the Livebox

After creating your website from Livebox, if your site shows to be Not Secure, then follow the given below steps to secure your website.

SSL certificate

  • Go to Websites from the navigation menu and click on Global web settings.

website settings on livebox

  • A Global Web Settings page opens, under HTTP Settings select your site by clicking the drop-down menu.

website encryption

  • After selecting your site, click on the Secure this website icon.

website ssl encryption

  • A request is sent to secure your website. It might take you a few seconds.

website SSL request

  • Now go to your website in the fresh tab of your browser and you can see your site is secured.

secure website

  • Likewise, to renew the SSL certificate of your site, click on the Renew HTTPs SSL certificate for this domain and the certificate will be renewed for your website.

    renew ssl encryption

You have successfully secured your website.

Website Settings

To configure your website,

  • Go to Create a site under Websites from the navigation menu.

website settings

  • In Create a Site page, click the Settings icon.

website settings

  • A dialog box Site Settings open, and you can click on Refresh Configuration located on the top left corner if there occurs any issue in your site loading.
  • The default Username and password to login your site file browser is given. You can change your site username and password as you wish.
    Note: Make sure to make a note of your changed password. Once changed, the lost passwords cannot be retrieved.

website file browser

  • In File Browser you can upload, delete, copy, move, rename, archive, extract files and make changes to your site theme.

website file browser

  • There are four services runs in your site.
  • To start, stop or restart your site services, you can go Service Monitor.

website servcie monitor

By following these steps, you can control, manage and perform actions on your site.

Website Lite

How to Create Websites in the Livebox Lite Version and Get Started with the Live Streaming?

In the Livebox lite version, the user can create the GRAV websites without much ado. The GRAV websites are usually file-based web platform, where the site management is simple in terms of live streaming while compared to the other web platforms.

So, let’s see how to create a website on GRAV using the Livebox lite.

  • Login to Livebox lite and go to Websites from the navigation menu.
website lite in Livebox
  • Click on the Create button on the Create a site page.
create a GRAV site in Livebox
  • A dialog box to Create a new site opens, where you can give a name for your site.
  • Then click Create.
Creating GRAV website
  • Your site is now created. You have to wait for about 20 minutes to get redirected to your site.

Note: You can click the arrowed redirection to get started with your website on GRAV.

Livebox website light version
  • Once you click on the redirection option near your site name, you will be taken to the GRAV user creating interface.
  • Fill the bars with your necessary details.
  • Then click Create User.

That’s it. You have created your GRAV site.

After exploring and configuring your website, if you want to publish the live streams of your RTMP channel on your GRAV website,

  • Go to Pages from the GRAV’s navigation menu.
GRAV dashboard
  • In GRAV Manage Pages, you can click the Home page to edit and publish your live stream or even you can click the Add button located on the top right side to create a new page for your live streams.
GRAV website

To create a new page,

  • Click on the Add button.
add new page in GRAV
  • A dialog box Add Page opens, where you can enter the required details to create a page of your website.
  • And now click Continue.
create page in GRAV for live streaming
  • Go back to Manage Page to get into your new page.
  • And in the text editor of your page, you can give a suitable header for your post, then paste the embed code of your streaming RTMP channel.
  • Finally, click on the Save button located on the top right side.
Live streaming on GRAV website
  • In the case of the Livebox streaming server, you can get the embed code of your streaming channel in Channel Dashboard.
embed code URL
embed code

Note: If your site is secured one i.e, HTTPs encrypted, then you have to copy the Secure embed code. Otherwise, copy the Embed Code.

  • Once the copy-pasting the embed code process gets over, you can view the published live stream on your newly created page.
successful live streaming using Livebox streaming server

So as you have seen, it is now easy to establish your live streaming journey on GRAV websites more quicker and simpler than ever with the help of Livebox.