Creating a Playlist with YouTube Channel Videos

  It is now happening in Livebox also to stream your YouTube channel videos to your websites, blog sites, and other social media destinations.
To take through your YouTube videos and to popularize your business/organization,
  • Go to the the Livebox Autostream and click the Create button.


  • Go to your YouTube channel to copy the link of your channel.
  • Now go to the Livebox Autostream and click the YouTube Channel option.

youtube channel

  • In YouTube channeID bar copy-paste your channel URL.

creating playlist with youtube channel videos

  • In General settings, give Playlist nameStreaming URL, set Preset and Buffer Size.
  • Then click Play to create your channel videos in the Livebox Autostream.

playlist general settings

  • Your channel is recreated in the Livebox Autostream as a playlist. All your YouTube channel videos get started to play consecutively.

Autostream playlist

  • To preview your streams, go to your channel dashboard and preview your playlist.

best streaming solution, Livebox.

You have successfully added your YouTube videos to the Livebox Autostream. Go ahead with popularising your brand, product, business/organization by streaming it live on social media/streaming platforms.

Creating a Playlist with YouTube Links

  It is now workable in Livebox to stream multiple YouTube sources to the same destination/channel.
To stream two or more YouTube videos consecutively,
  • Go  Livebox Autostream from the navigation menu.
  • Click the Create button to create a playlist with YouTube links.


  • A dialog box Add Video opens, and click the YouTube Files option.

creating a playlist with youtube videos

  • Now click the YouTube link option and copy-paste the URLs of the videos in the given bar one after another.

creating a playlist with youtube link

  • In General settings, give Playlist nameStreaming URL, set Preset and Buffer Size.
  • Then click Play to create your playlist.

playlist general settings

  • Your Playlist is created.
  • You can see the added YouTube videos getting played one after another in your Livebox Autostream.

Autostream playlist

  • To preview your live streaming of YouTube videos, go to your Livebox channel on the dashboard and click the play button to preview your streaming.

YouTube playlist preview

You have successfully created your Playlist from the multiple YouTube video links. You can now start streaming your playlist videos on social media destinations/streaming platforms.

Autostreaming the YouTube Playlist Videos

  Livebox Autostrem is a feature developed by the Livebox streaming server to run channels with popular internet videos. With this feature in hand, it is now swift to share one or many YouTube sources to a certain media destination or a channel. And in the case of your own YouTube channel, you can also stream and share your YouTube videos to various destination/channel by creating a playlist in Autostream.
To create the playlist using this feature,
  • Go to Autostream and click the Create button.


  • A dialog box Add Video opens, where select the YouTube Files option.

    Autostream options

  • Now click the YouTube PlaylistID option to stream the whole YouTube playlist videos on your channel.
  • So, enter the YouTube Playlist ID in the box given below. Likewise, you can add a number of YouTube playlist ID to create your own playlist.

    playlist ID option in Autostream

(Note: For the YouTube Playlist ID whereabouts, refer to the illustration below.)


  • In General settings, give Playlist nameStreaming URL, set Preset and Buffer Size.
  • Now click Play to create your playlist.

playlist general settings

  • Your playlist is now created, where you can see YouTube videos being played one after another.

    Autostream playlist

  • Go to the channel dashboard and preview the source.

    YouTube playlist is created

You have successfully taken the playlist content to your RTMP server channel, from here you stream live the playlist contents to your streaming platforms/social media destinations.

Livebox Autostream Settings

To change your Livebox Autostream settings,
  • Go to your existing playlist and click the Settings icon.

Autostream settings

  • A dialog box Settings opens, where you can see the links of an already existing playlist. 
  • If you want to edit the existing playlist, you can make changes under Edit Existing Playlist. Otherwise,  click the  Create Fresh Playlist option to create a new set of playlist channel, link or play all videos.

settings in Livebox Autostream

  • After entering a new playlist ID, channel ID or links, click the Start a Fresh Playlist button.

  • A fresh playlist is created.

Autostream playlist

  • Likewise, you can also change the RTMP URL of your streaming channel.
  • Click the Edit RtmpUrl/Logo option, enter the RTMP URL link of your channel/website and then click the Start Again button. And your YouTube sources will be streamed live to your new channel/website.

channel setting

  • To preview your source, go to your channel dashboard and click the play button and preview the live streaming of your YouTube videos.


You have successfully made changes in your Livebox Playlist.

How to Create a Playlist From the Uploaded Files Using the Livebox Playlist?

You can now create a playlist by uploading your local files and run it on various streaming destinations 24/7 using the Livebox Playlist.

  • To create a fresh playlist with your uploaded files, you can use the Uploaded Files option, where you can move the files to the selected files side and create a playlist.

Note: When you create a playlist for the first time, you can’t use the uploaded files option if you haven’t uploaded any videos on the Livebox server. In that case, first, create a playlist using YouTube links and then upload and add video files to the existing playlist using the Autostream settings.

  • When you want to upload files and add them to your existing playlist, then you can follow the below steps.
  • Click on highlighted icon on the top left of your playlist.
  • Specifications to add files open and you can click the Add files option to add your files.
  • Select and add your file.
  • Now the file is added. You can also add a few more files the same way.
add videos to create playlist in Livebox Autostream
  • After adding files, you can click the Start Upload to upload all your added files.
  • Your files start to get uploaded.
upload files in Autostream
  • After the files are uploaded, you can go to the playlist main window to click on the gear icon located on the top left side.
Autostream settings
  • In the settings tab, under the Uploaded Files option, you can select the files from Available Files and move it to Selected Files side.
  • Then click the Play button.

  • You can also use the Up and Down buttons to prioritize your selected videos.
  • The uploaded files start to run along with your existing playlist.
  • Preview the playlist on your RTMP channels.
  • And from your RTMP channel, you can publish the playlist live on your social media destinations/streaming platforms.
Autostream playlist

So by uploading files and creating a playlist, you can automate live streams 24/7 on your streaming destinations.

Troubleshooting the Autostream Feature

How to troubleshoot the Autostream feature when the playlist failover happens?

The Livebox Autostream tends to show a warning sign while creating a playlist because of the invalid URLs of the YouTube videos or the wrong RTMP URL while automating a playlist on the streaming destination.

3 Reasons for the Playlist Failover

  • You have entered the invalid URLs of the YouTube videos.
  • You have entered the incorrect RTMP URL of your streaming destination.
  • The video you are trying to stream is unsupported by the Autostream feature.

Note: Under any of these circumstances if you keep requesting YouTube with an invalid URL/RTMP URL or any unsupported media, the YouTube blocks your server to automate live playlist henceforth.

So, in that case, by correcting the invalid URLs followed by Restarting, the playlist can be successfully automated live on the streaming platforms.

Troubleshooting the Livebox Auotstream
  • Go to Settings of the created Playlist.
Livebox Autostream feature
  • You can click the Check Invalid URLs button.
  • It will show the invalid URLs. Now you can correct those invalid URLs.
  • After correcting the URLs, click the Start Again button.
Live playlist on Autostream
  • Then Restart the Playlist.
restart playlist
Create a playlist with YouTube videos

In the case, if you have entered the wrong RTMP URL of your streaming destination,

  • Select the Edit RTMP URL/Logo option.
  • Re-enter the correct RTMP URL of your streaming destination.
  • Then click the Start Again button.
  • Finally, Restart the Playlist.
Automate playlist on the social media destinations

Your playlist will be automated successfully at your preferred destination.

Webpage Live Streaming

Live streaming of webpages can be carried out on social media destinations, streaming platforms, websites, blogs or any RTMP servers by the Livebox Autostream feature. When it comes to the webpage live streaming, it is useful to live stream the subscribers/viewers count or the countdown timings before starting a live streaming event.

To live stream a webpage,

  • Go to the Livebox Autostream feature.
  • Click on the Create button.
Webpage live streaming on the Livebox streaming server
  • Then on the Playlist creating options, select Webpage streaming.
Livebox Autostream feature
  • In the Webpage URL option, enter the URL of the webpage that you want to capture and live stream on your preferred destinations.
Livebox live streaming
  • Then under the General Settings, enter Playlist name, then Streaming URL of your destination, select a preset, set buffer size and resolution, then finally click the Play button.
webpage live streaming
  • The live streaming of your webpage will begin on your streaming destination within a few seconds.
webpage live tsreaming

You have successfully kick-started the webpage live streaming on your streaming platforms.