To reboot your server,

  • Click Account Settings from the top right corner.
account settings
  • A drop-down menu opens and, click Reboot. Your server will be booted up again.

Note: Only if there is an issue in your server, then rebooting should be used to clear those defects.

Bandwidth Usage

To check your server’s bandwidth usage,

  • Go to System from the navigation menu and click the Viewers Report option.
  • Go to the Bandwidth Usage window, where you can get your bandwidth report on the hour, day, week and on the monthly basis.

General bandwidth usage of the server:

general bandwidth usage

general bandwidth usage in livebox

Hour wise bandwidth usage:

hour wisw bandwidth usage
hour wise bandwidth usage in livebox

Weekly wise bandwidth usage:

weekly wise bandwidth usage
weekly wise bandwidth usage in livebox

You can get both day and weekly bandwidth usage report under Week category.

Monthly wise bandwidth usage:

monthly wise bandwidth usage
monthly wise bandwidth usage in livebox

By following these ssteps you can check your bandwidth usage on hourly, weekly and monthly basis.

Backup and Restore

To backup and restore your data,

  • Go to Settings from the navigation menu and click the HTTP Settings option. test
backup settings
  • Now go to Backup and Restore page and enter your backup file name in Backup Filename and click the backup icon to backup your files.  
backup files
  • Click the drop-down menu near Backup Files and select your file (your backup will be restored within a few minutes). If you want to download your files then click the download icon and save your file to your local disc.
restore backup files
  • If you want to upload your backup file or change the file, then click Select file Change to select the downloaded file from your local disc and then give Upload.
upload backup files

By uploading the backup file you can restore your files by following these steps.

A Stream Key

A stream key is one of the essential components of your streaming process. In Livebox streaming server, the streaming RTMP URL is auto-generated, and from the streaming URL, you can easily obtain your stream key.

To get the streaming URL,

  • Log in to your Livebox server and create your channel.
  • Under Manage Channels, go to the Channel Dashboard from the navigation menu.
channel dashboard
  • In Channel Dashboard, select your channel.
  • And then if you click on the Streaming URL, you can get the RTMP streaming URL of your server channel.
  • From the streaming URL, you can obtain the stream key.
streaming URL
rtmp URL
  • There is also the Streaming URL and Stream Key given specifically on the top of the URLs box.
Streaming URLs
  • So after coying the Stream Key paste it in your encoder Stream Settings and give Start to go live streaming.

By following these steps you can get the stream key of your channel.