Livebox Video Conferencing App SDK

Livebox Video Conferencing App

How to Build Video Conferencing App using Livebox SDK? Experience Glitch-free Conferencing! Get the Video Conferencing self development kit (SDK) from Livebox and develop your own virtual communication tool. Highlights of Livebox Video Conferencing App Group video calls/one-to-one calls Add-in access up to 100+ participants (or devices) Multiple conference rooms Conference scheduling system Real-time messaging […]

Video Conferencing Android SDK Usage

Step 1: Create Sample Project using Android Studio. Step: 2 Download the sdk from the below link, http://[Your-Server-URL]/Android/ Step: 3 Unzip the download file, you will get the ‘Android-sdk’ folder Step: 4 Copy ‘Android-sdk’ folder and paste in this path (Your project file path +/android/app/) Step: 5 Add ‘Android-sdk’ in your project build gradle file […]