Multi-Bitrate Streaming Using vMix

To conduct Multi-Bitrate streaming using vMix,
  • Create your channel in Livebox.
  • Now to Manage Channels from the navigation menu. Under manage channels select Multi-Bitrate.

Multi-Bitrate streaming

  • In Multi-Bitrate page, select your channel and Turn On multi-bitrate.
    • channel for multi-bitrate streaming
  • Once you turn on Multi-Bitrate, new Preset options will appear. You can set the required resolution and click Save.

preset for multi-bitrate streaming

Note: You also have options to edit or set your required preset.
  • Once you click save, RTMP URL for your resolution gets listed below. Make a note of the required RTMP link and give Save.

preset of resolution for multi-bitrate streaming

  • After clicking save, give Service Restart to get your changes applied.
  • Go to vMix and click Add Input from the bottom left corner.

adding input in vMix

  • A dialog box Input Select opens, where you can click Browse to add your source to vMix.

browse file for streaming in vMix

  • After selecting your source, click OK. And your source is added.

add file for streaming in vMix

  • Then go to vMix and click Stream. A new dialog box Streaming Settings opens.
  • Now it’s time to use the URL of the required resolution you have noted in the Livebox Multi-bitrate settings.

preset of resolution for multi-bitrate streaming

  • Copy-paste the URL in the URL bar and then enter the stream key in Stream Name or Key bar and give Start.

RTMP URL settings

Note: To know how to get a stream key from the copied URL link, refer to the illustration below.

stream key

(The highlighted part of the streaming URL is the Stream key)

  • After giving a start, go to the vMix main page and click the icon to play your source.

start streaming in vMix

  • Now go to Livebox Channel Dashboard to preview your live streaming.

Livebox preview

  • And you can also check your video resolution on the bottom right side of the player.
      • Multi-bitrate video resolution
  • Then go to Viewers Report to check the RTMP stats of your streaming channel. It shows audio and video bitrate of your channel.
  • Multi bitrate streaming stats
Happy Streaming!
You have successfully done your Multi-Bitrate streaming using vMix.